Primeurs 2023

2023: A differentiated vintage!

This vintage is marked by red wines with different profiles depending on numerous criteria (heterogeneity of precipitation, mildew, human decisions, etc.). This vintage shows balance and freshness, without excess or opulence.

From a climatological point of view, 2023 was an unstable year.
Indeed, early budburst, linked to near-normal winter conditions, made it possible to avoid spring frosts.
The alternation of mild and cool periods led to irregular growth of the vines, with a humidity level favorable to the development of mildew.
Flowering was particularly rapid, without coulure or millerandage, but in a context of strong mildew pressure, causing significant reductions in yield. However, the entire Bordeaux vineyard has not been uniformly affected.
The end of maturation took place in dry and very hot conditions.
Finally, September was particularly favorable for obtaining ripe, healthy and abundant grapes.

Concerning our properties, the yields were rather high, due, on the one hand, to the size of the berries, resulting from the absence of water constraints at fruit setting, but also to the number of berries per cluster and, on the other hand partly, by the absence of mildew.
Our Merlots are colorful, fruity, without over-ripe aromas.

Our Cabernet Sauvignons are remarkable: distinguished, structured, tasty, with great depth and an expression of black fruits, without any vegetal character.
Our Cabernet Francs release floral notes, as well as great delicacy of tannins.
Our Petits Verdots brings great freshness and finesse with a silky texture and well-coated tannins.

To conclude, this is a vintage where we had to adapt!

This 2023 vintage very accurately reflects the specificities of our terroirs.